Talent Development Program

The Talent Development Program (TDP) is a specialized training, performance, and promotional program within the Academy of the Arts for advanced students who have a driving desire for a professional career in the entertainment industry. He/she must qualify and be invited into this program. In addition, he/she must make a commitment to fulfill a determined curriculum, depending on his/her direction of focus, talents, and abilities.

The primary focus of this training program is on career development for the performing artist with an emphasis on performance technique, live audience experience, studio recording, and film and TV training. The Talent Development Program works with bands and vocal groups as well as individuals with all types and styles of performance. Within this unique program, we train and promote artists specializing in vocal performance for pop, rock, country, R&B, alternative, musical theater, and other various styles, with an emphasis on performance (including staging, movement, and interpretation). Additionally, we develop artists in acting for stage, film, or TV; instrumental training on guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, songwriting, scriptwriting, live sound engineering, and show creation. We believe it is important for an artist to not only practice their performance but also understand the industry in which they work. It is a unique style of coaching to help an artist reach his/her goals as a singer, actor, or instrumentalist.

Artists will get opportunities for live audience experience on any number of levels. “All That” Entertainment is the managing company in which the Academy of the Arts-Denver and the Talent Development Program is operated. As an artist develops, he/she earns the opportunity to headline their own show, perform alongside other TDP artists, and participate in national and international talent competitions. ATE, or “All That” Entertainment records CD demos and creates promotional materials for the artists, and introduces them to industry producers, managers, agents, etc., through showcases and/or individual introductions. It is from this program that several Academy Students have gone on to exciting careers as singers, actors, and writers, both locally and internationally.

All That Entertainment
A professional music career is not something that just happens. It requires talent, inspiration, hard work, professional guidance and contacts.
Talent Development Program Talent Development Program
The Talent Development Program is a specialized training, performance, and promotional program.