The Best No-Bake Medical Marijuana Edibles

If you’re an advocate of medical marijuana based on your illness or a need to ease discomfort for a serious health condition, look no further than no-bake cannabis edibles. Times are different now, and that traditional and bitter weed smell and taste in your baked treats have been replaced with some rather savory and delicious treats. Patients who use medical marijuana edibles continually seek food or capsules that appeal to their tastes and overall senses.

As a devout cannabis edible user, I’ve had the fortunate experience of opting for chocolate gummies versus baked goods. No particular reason why. I seem to be more addicted to chocolate than to pastries. Yet, all in all, the no-bake edibles that have taken the medical marijuana market by storm are particularly delicious and favored by more patients with chronic illnesses or diseases. Choosing a no-bake edible has provided the marijuana user excitement similar to discovering the latest in gluten-free diet baked goods.


The Top 6 No-Bake Weed Edibles

Before I dive into these delectable edibles, remember to go slow and start small. Eating medical marijuana can be way more intense than smoking it, therefore allow the necessary hour or so to set in before adding any more no-bake treats to your daily diet. Also, having cannabis oil on hand is essential, as it gives the edible more oomph than regular coconut or other oil.

  1. Kief Cookies – This type of cannabis cookie is excellent for novice bakers simply because they’re easy to prepare and requires no cannabutter. The recipe only calls for rounding up the kief–or dust cannabis particles–heating it up, and mixing it into your favorite cookie recipe. Chocolate chip or oatmeal raisins tend to be the most popular.
  2. Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls – One of the most signature combinations in the dessert industry is pairing chocolate and peanut butter. Just take a look at the ever-aging Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. As long as they’ve been around, not a soul complains about their continual addictive taste. So with medical marijuana no-bake edibles, it makes sense to follow a recipe that showcases these two popular ingredients together. Graham crackers, cannabutter, vanilla extract, chocolate chips, powdered sugar, and heaps of peanut butter are included, and trust me; you can’t go wrong.
  3. Gummy Bears – Cannabis gummy bears have been on the market for quite some time; however, knowing how to make them yourself creates a whole different experience in the medical marijuana edible department. Micro-dosing with cannabis gummy bears can come in the form of any style of a creature. Some look like caterpillars or worms, whereas others appear as real-life bears. Cannabis gummy bears are a lower dose varietal, yet the recipe involves an alcohol-based cannabis tincture. There’s also the option of adding coconut oil or grass-fed gelatin to the mixture. The latter adds extra collagen, protein, and amino acids not otherwise found in regular gummy bear recipes.
  4. Canna-Bananas – As the fastest edible to eat, canna-bananas require only three ingredients: dark chocolate, coconut oil, and of course, bananas. The key is to freeze each banana after dipping the fruit into the heated chocolate/oil solution. Yummy!
  5. Granola or cereal bars – These on-the-go no-bake edibles pack a punch. Infused with cannabutter, each granola bar can be made with simple ingredients such as oats, dried fruit, seeds or nut flakes, sugar or honey, and of course, unsalted butter to form each bar as its own. The cannabutter gives the treat its own dosage, so remember to allow an hour to go by after eating before trying another one.
  6. Marijuana Candies – Infused hard candy edibles are easy to ingest and can taste sensational if following a proper recipe. The ingredients are simple. For example, you only need sugar, water, corn syrup, and a cannabis tincture. You also can decide whether you want to make THC candy edibles or CBD hard candy edibles, as both allow you to customize and add any flavor you want.

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In Summary

The best no bake edibles can be made by following recipes either online or through trusted sources from cannabis dispensaries. If you choose to spend copious amounts of time in your kitchen concocting tasty edibles, have all the necessary ingredients on hand first before you begin your recipes. It’s no fun to start the no-bake creation, only to run out of things or not have the proper cannabis dosage before you delve into making the marijuana edibles.

The Importance of Potency in Cannabis Edibles

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There are numerous ways to attain a certain percentage of potency within an edible. Once you’ve talked it over with your primary care physician and receive the green light as it relates to your physical or mental health condition, the dosage is of utmost importance. Micro-dosing has become popular, as it allows the user to take smaller and more frequent cannabis ingestions throughout the day.

 In doing so, the regularity with your chronic pain or illness can be treated more effectively with the medical marijuana edibles desired. Having the correct potency with a no-bake edible isn’t for the faint of heart, mainly because once you’ve tasted the following best treats to purchase, you’ll need to pace yourself based on the medicinal and therapeutic benefits versus the sugary and pastry sensation.

The 4 Best Non-Bake Pot Edibles

1. CannaCake –

 Who doesn’t love a good cake that also has therapeutic benefits? Creating a cannacake out of any favorite cake recipe usually involves making the cake in small batches and infusing the no-baked good with a few doses of cannabis oil. Perfect for parties or entertaining, but make sure you label the final product to avoid any marijuana “highs” to guests who don’t partake.

 2. Cannabis Nuts –

 A tad of spice and a bit of sweet and salty, these cannabis-infused nuts are so delicious. You might want to pace yourself. They’re easy to make and easy to take anywhere. You can use any of your favorite nuts (almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashews) and infuse canola oil with cannabis before heating up.

3. Fudge –

 Powdered sugar, Hershey’s cocoa butter, lots of cannabutter, vanilla essence, and a big heaping cup of peanut butter is all you’ll need to taste the most incredible alternative to pot brownies on the planet. 

 4. Cannabis Chocolate – 

Dipped Cherries or Strawberries – Mixing cannabis coconut oil with dark and milk chocolate in a bowl before dipping the fruits have this particular no-bake edible being one of the tastiest and easiest to make. Store in the refrigerator and allow to chill for about one hour prior to serving.

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FAQs on No-Baked Edibles

 While it’s good to have guidelines on being innovative with your no-baked edibles, it’s also essential to be curious about recipes and dosages within the final products. Here are some typical questions answered for medical marijuana edibles and why they can be an excellent and beneficial source for your well-being.

What is cannabutter and why is it used?

 Cannabutter is simply an injection of THC or CBD oil into a stick of regular salted or unsalted butter. It is used primarily in place of oils and whether your no-baked edible recipe calls for butter, in general. To achieve the proper cannabis dosage, you’ll need to measure out for each stick of butter.

 Are No-Baked Edibles as Effective as Bake Edibles?

 Yes. No-baked edibles are easier to make and don’t require any usage of ovens or unnecessary expenses to your overall electric bill. Plus, if recipes are followed to the tee, chances are you can make them fast and eat them even quicker. 

 Is There a Particular Oil that Absorbs Cannabis More Than Another?

 No. Generally speaking, coconut oil is the preferred oil because its taste is mildly delicious, and it adds to the overall sweet recipe. Canola oil is popular, too, although it’s not as nutritious as coconut oil.

Can No-Bake Marijuana Edibles Be Substituted for Smoking Medical Marijuana?

 Yes, but with caution. As mentioned earlier, eating marijuana races into your bloodstream and digestive tract far quicker than smoking pot goes into your lungs. Once the cannabis reaches your system via an edible, the “high” may not be instant, but the lasting effects are more prolonged than smoking marijuana. This is why it’s best to consult with your physician regarding your medical condition to see if edibles are the preferable route.

To Summarize

If anything, start with a recipe you enjoy. Get back to basics and prepare yourself for a medical marijuana otherworldly experience. I’ve only made cannabis fudge and canna bananas, but I assure you that once you’ve taken the plunge, you’ll be hooked forever. Your pain and discomfort will dissipate, and the nutritional benefits will take over.

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