“All That” Entertainment

“”All That” Entertainment (ATE) is the managing company for the Academy of the Arts. ATE is a production and artist development company that promotes and produces live entertainment and studio recordings, involving the participating coaches and developing artists of the Academy of the Arts. ATE also produces and promotes workshops, seminars, and showcase events for the Academy of the Arts. Each member of the ATE production team is an Academy certified or approved teacher with specific areas of expertise based on combined extensive experience as teachers, coaches, producers, directors, scriptwriters, songwriters, recording engineers, and professional entertainers (musicians/actors).

ATE brings a Talent Development Program to the Academy for those advanced students who have a burning desire for a career in the entertainment industry. The Talent Development Program works with bands and vocal groups as well as individuals. The primary focus of this training program is on career development for the performing artist with an emphasis on performance technique, live audience experience, studio recording, and film and TV training. ATE manages the Talent Development Program to promote the qualified artists within.

All That Entertainment
A professional music career is not something that just happens. It requires talent, inspiration, hard work, professional guidance and contacts.
Talent Development Program Talent Development Program
The Talent Development Program is a specialized training, performance, and promotional program.